Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Ultimate Guide For How To Hire A Comedian For Any Event [Infographic]

Hello. My name is Jason Douglas. I'm a comedian and operate with my business partners one of the largest comedian booking agencies in the United States. We're here to help you and your company when you need to hire a comedian. Below are some of the things every customer needs to know before they book a comedian.

Tips For Hiring A Comedian For A Private Event

1) Let the booking agent know what type of event you are planning. Obviously the right comedian for a church event would be very different than a comedian for a bachelor party.   2) Decide where you want the content rating of your comedian to be at. We generally break the comedians into three categories - 1) Clean comedians 2) Middle of the road comedians (these comedians will have an act similar in content to a PG-13 rated movie) 3) Comedy club rated comedians (these comedians will have an act similar to a mild R rated movie).   3) How long of a performance do you need? A good headliner comedian can easily do a 60 minute show. For a corporate event that generally is what the clients request. Keep in mind you want a great show not a long one! In a comedy club you'll see a line up with two or three comedians that last 90-100 minutes. This is best for a fundraiser or comedy night in a nightclub or bar.   4) What does the company you're working with specialize in? As a national comedian booking agency we cover everything! We have a national database of over 1,500 of the best stand up comedians. We have Christian comedians, corporate comedians, nightclub comedians, comedians for roasts, comedians who specialize in custom writing jokes for events, and more!   5) Where is the agent you're working with located? Most small time agents work within roughly a 50 mile radius of their office.   Not us. We cover the entire U.S. and parts of Canada. We have two physical offices (metro Detroit and New York City) and two sales agents in Los Angeles and Chicago.   6) How can I be assured I'm getting the best price? We have you covered. Because we book more shows than anyone we have buying power. If a comedian has 3-4 bookings with us in a week they're going to be more willing to come in a lower price than if they only had 1 show. It's simple economics. The more events we book the more savings we can pass on to the customer!   7) References? Make sure anyone you work with shows you videos of available comedians and references. We've worked with over 50 Fortune 500 companies to supply comedians for their corporate events. We've booked over 10,000 performances in the last decade! Corporate events, private parties, church groups, fundraisers, clubs, and more!   8) Our agents include myself, Bill Green, Jenni Crane, and Roger Paul. Our staff is dedicated to making your event a huge success! We're in the laughter business and love every minute of it!! Let us help you take the worry and stress out of hiring entertainment. We sincerely hope that you find the right comedian for your event. Knowing what you need out of a comedian as far as time slot, the "rating" as far as language and theme, as well as budget all help us find comedians that are available and would fit your needs.

The Ultimate Guide For How To Hire A Comedian For Any Event [Infographic] Find more on: the comedian agency's blog

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